Living with prostate cancer (A collection of stories)

Read the real-life experiences of men who are living with prostate cancer.  Stories courtesy of Prostate Cancer UK.

Phil Kissi MBE’s story

“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2006. I visited my GP after watching a television programme about prostate cancer and thought I could be at risk after learning that African Caribbean men are three times more likely to be diagnosed with the disease than white men.”

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Guy Williams’ story

 “It was a shock when I was told I had prostate cancer at the age of 51. I knew I was more likely to be diagnosed because my Dad was living with the disease, but the result still really knocked me.”

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 Chris’ story

Chris, 58, chose brachytherapy. He describes what it involves and the side effects he had. His wife, Jean, talks about how she supported him.

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Ally’s story

Ally had radiotherapy and hormone therapy. He talks about how he dealt with the radiotherapy treatment and how his sex life has changed as a result.

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Posted: 01/08/2018