Be an ambassador for Urology Week

Start the conversation about incontinence, good urological health and reach out to your community. Be an ambassador for Urology Week. Here’s how:

1) Spread the word
  • Talk to your peers, patients, and/or national society about Urology Week.
  • Hang up Urology Week posters in your clinic.
  • Help us translate the posters in your language. Send us the translated text via email and we’ll make the posters for you!
  • Create an event with the theme of Incontinence. Share your event with us and the public via social media: #urologyweek.
2) Share your story

What is your approach when talking to your patients about their urological conditions? Have you dealt with a urological condition yourself? Share your story and inspire others to talk openly about urological health.

See what other people are sharing.

3) Start an initiative yourself
  • Start and/or participate at a local event during or for Urology Week.
  • Volunteer to help out in your community for Urology Week (or just because you want to).
  • Organise an “Open Day” at your clinic and get your colleagues involved.

Already have an event planned? Register your event here.

4) Show your support via social media

Social media is a powerful tool. Your tweet, a Facebook or Instagram post about Urology Week would help reach more people.

Selfie for a good cause
Take a selfie next to the Urology Week poster and share it on your social media account(s). Remember to include the hashtag #urologyweek.

Sharing is caring
Writing about Urology Week and sharing the posters, press releases, interviews, announcements, etc. via social media are great ways of spreading the word. Include the hashtag #urologyweek whenever applicable.