For early signs of ED: Take action and find an emphatic doctor

By *Adam [translated from Polish]

My experience with erectile dysfunction (ED) together with cardiological problems started in 2004. Initially, I used over-the-counter (OTC) medication which allowed me to have sexual intercourse with my wife. However, the OTC medication was no longer effective later on.

My first urology visit was not entirely helpful. The doctor prescribed plenty of medication which caused dizziness and brought no other benefits. My situation improved when another urologist took over.

After completing a full diagnostic process and the treatment transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), my urological condition stabilised.

I still need to self-catheterised due to underactive bladder, and I use Caverject 0.7 injections before each sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, I do not experience ejaculation, and this is the topic I would like to discuss during my next visit to the clinic.

As a tip for other men, I would like to advise that if you notice early signs of ED, take action and find an emphatic doctor who will take over your care. Do not believe in the advertised miraculous medication that restores your youth.

*not his real name

Posted: 28/07/2020