Neurology? No, urology!

By Jarka Bloemberg
Communications Manager, EAU

When I’m at social event and I talk about the work I do with regard to urology, I often get a strange look from my interlocutors. “Did you say neurology?”, they ask me. “No, UROlogy”, I reply, a bit offended. Why is it that so little people know about urology? Yes, it is a broad medical specialty with a great range of different conditions, but many of us, especially in the age category of 50+, will probably need to visit a urologist.

The low level of awareness of urology and urological conditions is concerning. Early diagnosis is crucial for positive outcomes. In order to get the right help in time, it is crucial to educate our fellow citizens about risks, symptoms and threats. They have to understand the importance of checking their bodies regularly and to take symptoms seriously.

International survey

This is why the European Association of Urology initiated a survey about the awareness of urology in Europe. By conducting street interviews with Germans, Englishmen, French or any European nationality, we want to know what the level of understanding of this diverse medical field. By asking simple questions such as “How often do you pee at night?” or “Where is the prostate located?”, we aim to raise awareness of urological conditions.

All the results will be collected and analysed by the team of the EAU. The outcome will be published in the various participating countries and via the media, local spokespersons will tell their stories and educate their countrymen. If successful, we will conduct this survey every year as a urology index.

Join us
The first countries have already committed to join this initiative, but we need more. If you are interested to include your country in this international survey, kindly send an email the Communications Office of the EAU. We will take care of most of the work, all you need to do is to ask your countrymen some questions about your favourite topic.

Let’s join forces and make UROlogy relevant!

Posted: 24/07/2017