Survey reveals low levels of awareness in men about prostate health

For Urology Week 2019 the European Association of Urology has conducted a new international survey. This time we’ve asked over 3,000 men over 50 years in the United Kingdom, Germany and  France to test their knowledge of the prostate.

Questions varied from indicating what the function of the prostate is, to more specific questions on Benign Prostatic Enlargement (BPE), also known as an enlarged prostate.  Common indicators of this condition of the prostate include the sudden urge to urinate, a straining or painful sensation when urinating, feeling that the bladder is not completely empty, and getting up more than once at night to urinate.

The full results are announced and available as a press release in 8 languages.

The survey was conducted by Censuswide and supported by an educational grant from Boston Scientific.

Posted: 19/09/2019