Michael’s story: “Quirky bladder” was caused by benign tumour

I grew up with what my family, friends and I thought was simply a “quirky bladder”.

I had difficulty with toilet training and, due to frequent bed wetting incidents and daytime accidents, wore training pants and plastic pants through first grade. Although I learned to conceal my problem, several years ago it became bad enough that “a quirky bladder” was no longer an acceptable description. My physician found a small, calcified benign tumour/cyst that was pressing on nerve roots in my “cauda equina”. The nerve damage and subsequent treatment for detrussor hyperreflexia and detrussor-sphincter dyssynergia left me nearly totally incontinent. I successfully manage my incontinence with adult diapers, and with the help and support of friends and family lead a normal professional and social life.

Story courtesy of The Simon Foundation for Continence
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Posted: 01/08/2018