Nightmare recovery process due to untreated BPE

My name is Dr. Raymond Greenlees and I am a retired 82 year-old GP. I have a 10 year history of benign prostatic enlargement (BPE), which was fully investigated to exclude cancer and monitored by annual PSA testing, but inadequately treated with a daily intake of Tamsulosin 400 mcg.

A month ago I had a successful total hip replacement under spinal anaesthesia, but the whole recovery process has been a nightmare because of untreated BPE.

I developed acute retention of urine relieved by a 24-hour indwelling catheter immediately post-op. This was followed by signs of urinary tract infection which was treated with Trimethoprim (though midstream urine turned out to be negative).

I was discharged  on the 4th day, but the urinary frequency was so severe that I had to wear incontinence pads. All patients were advised under the “Enhanced Recovery Scheme” to contact the ward with any post-operative problems but I was merely told to contact my GP.

The story shows how inadequate is the treatment of BPE in most centres, and how it is treated as a minor problem until it complicates the outcome of other procedures.


Educate yourself about BPE and consult your urologist.


Posted: 25/09/2019